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Smart Contracts for Dealmaking

The term "smart contract" really just means a bit of logic that runs on a blockchain. It can represent many things: a token, a program, even a binding agreement between parties. At TokenTable, we are unlocking the potential of smart contracts for private dealmaking.

When entities and individuals make deals to exchange funds and assets, financial and legal services firms provides trust at every step. We have lawyers to enforce terms, escrow account providers to hold sums earmarked for transaction, banks to wire out or ACH distributions, third–party administrators to manage funds, SPVs and capital accounts — each collecting its fee along the way. In the not–so–distant future, smart contracts will replace a majority of these functions for far cheaper. We intend to lead the way.

Our Deal Smart Contracts can escrow of millions of dollars of digital assets, maintain transaction records, provide distributions to investors and streamline investor relations for a small fraction of the fees you'd pay to a traditional administrator just to set up your account.

What can TokenTable Do Now?

For our first deal type, we have selected multi–party token brokerage transactions. In this deal smart contract, a user in the role of a broker, who has access to a basket of ERC20 tokens, can launch a deal on our platform to sell said tokens, invite investors into the deal, pool their funds into a blockchain–native escrow and execute the purchase with pooled ETH. This use case is appropriate for secondary–market transactions of digital assets, or to facilitate the presale purchase of new token issuances.

TokenTable is essentially a smart contract templating engine with built-in CRM features. All assets are transacted via the Ethereum blockchain (for now) according to secure deal logic. That means that you don't need any third–party trust providers to clear transactions, and yet assets are well out of the reach of anyone but those permissioned to have access.

The Long–term Vision

As we build out additional deal types, we plan to bring enhanced functionality to the $1.8 billion market for private placement investments. We feel that Wall Street has publicly–traded securities pretty well figured out and it will be some time before any blockchain would be fast enough to bring legitemate improvements there. Unregistered securities that are relatively illiquid and onerous to trade, however, could greatly benefit from blockchain technology and do not rely on extreme transaction speeds. This is where TokenTable can provide value today. Go Up

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