Digital asset Dealmaking Simplified

Smart Contract Management System An Ethereum SCMS for organizing, launching and managing private cryptoasset deals.

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Who is TokenTable For?

Launch code-free smart contract brokerage deals with full automation. Just add assets, investors and legal.

Fund Managers

Tweak your portfolios by setting up private smart-contract-secured deals with other industry players. Cryptoassets should’t have to be so illiquid.

Private Placement Sponsors

Issuance is the easy part with security tokens. Use our smart contracts to set up secure deals with subscribers.

Special Purpose Vehicles

Smaller SPVs shouldn’t need five-figure management fees on the balance sheet.

Why Blockchain?

With tokenization, we can send a share, or a dollar, like an email. And with smart contracts, we can disintermediate things like escrow providers, ACH/Wire fees and operating on bankers’ schedules.

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Easy Recordkeeping

Since all stakeholders can see the ledger in realtime, a deal or fund’s transactions can easily be audited and accounted for, with minimal need for accountants and bookkeepers.

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Private and Secure

Identities are cryptographically protected, as is access to any deal or its underlying funds or assets. With blockchain, top-notch security comes as standard.

Want to see more?

A fully functional Beta release of the brokerage deal use case is now available for testing on both the ropsten testnet and the Ethereum mainnet. Contact us if you are interested in access or a demo.

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